Contextual advertising
Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising on Google is an effective way to increase your sales and make a profit easily and without website promotion.

Website promotion
Website promotion

SEO is a complex promotion of your website on Google that will allow your site to rank high in the search engine results for a while.

Website optimization
Website optimization

Error correction of the website’s code, increase of usability and page loading speed.

Website maintenance
Website maintenance

It is important to keep monitoring the website, only then it will stay in the top position and generate profit.

Website audit
Website audit

Website testing for structure and code errors. Expert’s review and detailed analysis of your website.

Targeted advertising
Targeted advertising

Advertisement on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok only for your target audience. Advertising budget optimization. Cost optimization of advertising budget.

Web development
Web development

Website development of any complexity from scratch and to the key-ready basis. Landing pages, business card websites, online stores, corporate websites - we embody any ideas.


Advertisement that catches up. We help to return customers that once visited your website.


Why do you need
website promotion from Seo.UA

4 reasons to order search promotion and other services right now

17 years in SEO

During this time, we have learned to understand the algorithms of search engines, and we know how to make your website attractive to them.

Step by step reporting

We are accountable to you for everything we do. In the reports we use understandable generally accepted terms, everything is clear and transparent.

Focus on the result

We work so that you can develop and earn more. Your success is our priority.

In touch 24/7

You can contact us at any time - by phone, e-mail or instant messengers.

Website promotion in search engines

We bring search queries to the top of results and at least double the website’s traffic

About promoting your website

We promote websites using only white hat SEO techniques. This means that the resource will not be banned, nor get manual penalties. We have well-functioning algorithms and we know how to make the website helpful for users, how to make people see and recognize you. We guarantee a professional approach. We promote websites of large enterprises, small and medium businesses: the activity area doesn’t matter, we work with everyone. Start earning more, as ranking top 10 in Google guarantees an increase in profits!

How to order website search optimization

To be profitable, a website needs search optimization which means promotion of the website to the first page of Google results. Without complex promotion, a website won’t get traffic and, as a result, leads. Every business resource has a need for SEO optimization, whether it's a landing page or online store with a wide range of products. You may order effective website search optimization in web studio Seo.Ua.

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What is website promotion for?

Suppose you decided to earn money online and created a web resource. Time passes by - weeks and months, but there are no sales. It may happen for several reasons:

  • the website is new;
  • resource isn’t optimized;
  • people don’t know about your product.

The goal of on-page and off-page SEO optimization is to make the website profitable, that is to make it attractive for search engines and target audience. The goal is to reach the top 10 organic results and to hold the position for a long time. The first page of Google results means for your project constant traffic, leads and recognition of the brand, goods and services that it provides.

What will happen with the website without market promotion? It will be what always happens: the website owner will regularly pay for domain and web hosting without getting leads. And maybe he will spend money on the work of people that manage sites without strategy or understanding of search engine algorithms.

What websites we promote: CMS, sites by topic, location-based advertising

Seo.Ua provides website search optimization of new and old sites on each and every platform (CMS) and website builder:

  • 1C-Bitrix;
  • Drupal;
  • Joomla;
  • OpenCart;
  • WordPress;
  • Tilda;
  • Wix, etc.

We have practical experience of successful website promotion in different areas. The company promotes web resources dedicated to all topics:

  • For women;
  • For children;
  • Banks;
  • Advertisement;
  • Furniture;
  • Industry;
  • Cars;
  • Finance;
  • Tourism;
  • Law;
  • Games;
  • Sport;
  • Media;
  • Informational websites;
  • Education, etc.

Our clientele includes small, medium and large businesses: real estate agencies, hotels, restaurants (HoReCa), dentistries, construction companies, printing houses, fitness clubs, SPA and beauty salons, confectioneries and knitting factories, meat factories, baby stores, dating websites, production facilities, delivery services, car rental facilities, cargo transportation, catering, medical and accounting services, etc.

We promote different kinds of websites:

  • Business card websites;
  • Corporate websites;
  • Landing pages;
  • Online stores, etc.

In addition, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a foreign website or a Ukrainian one. We work with projects all over the world. We have experience in promotion to high positions in the search and in support of websites in Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Great Britain, USA, South Korea, the Philippines and other countries.

SEO promotion and website support: how it works

Competent SEO optimization starts with a technical audit of the website. It defines coding errors, the accuracy of the website structure and filling robots.txt, usability, the relevance of pages and many other things that don’t let the project be on top of search results.

The important part of promotion is filling the website step by step with optimized articles and other content (photos, videos). This kind of work is called content promotion. First of all, it is necessary to arrange a semantic kernel, this is the work of a SEO manager. Then he creates a requirements document for writing texts with keyword queries. Copywriters create texts mentioning also low-frequency queries, and then they are published on the site.

Another aspect is link promotion. Smart and active SEO means also competent link building. Its purpose is to raise the profile of a landing page. This is achieved by buying temporary or eternal links on reliable and theme-based web resources and their scheduled publishing. This is how a website gains trust of search engines so that Google can rank it higher.

It is worth mentioning that we provide only white hat SEO which is professional and secure and won’t cause the risk of Google manual penalties. We use only authorized methods for SEO optimization and website maintenance.

You may get the entire list of promotion services from our manager or on the official SEO.UA website in the description of pricing packages.

How to order advanced website promotion

SEO.UA offers up-to-date and efficient promotion of your web resource with guaranteed results in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities, as well as in countries all over the world. You can call us at +38 (044) 331-52-44, leave an online request, or contact us via email [email protected]. We provide regional and international promotion of large websites, personal brands, social media accounts. We also accept applications for project development of any complexity.

Why it is better to choose us:

  • We execute a full spectrum of works “on a turn-key basis”;
  • Experience in SEO - 17 years;
  • Discounts for promotion of 2 and more websites;
  • We work with all topics (except for prohibited ones);
  • We guarantee the optimum solution for your business without extra costs.

In feedbacks about our company clients point out:

  • Bargain price;
  • Competence of experts;
  • Focus on the result;
  • Individual approach;
  • Creative ideas of promotion.

Are you in need of SEO, contextual advertising, social media accounts or a turnkey website? Contact us, we are always on call!


Team of professionals Seo.Ua is at your disposal

послуги менеджера

Anna Vinchevskaya

Communicative and competent, she has an answer to every question

Project manager

Гуща Тарас - SEO-cпеціаліст з досвідом

Taras Gusha

More than 17 years in SEO, PPC, SMM and SERM. Speaker at many conferences



Andrey Gorachuk

He finds an approach to anyone. Professionalism, understanding, responsiveness - those are qualities that make a qualified manager

Sales manager

Our team consists of SEO experts, programmers, copywriters, project managers, web designers, certified specialists in Google Adwords, creative SMM managers.

We organize specialist conferences


Conference N1 in Ukraine on website promotion in search engines and social media


Trade conference N1 in Ukraine on marketplaces, eCom and SaaS


Conference N1 in Ukraine for webmasters and affiliate networks


Step-by-step guide of our cooperation

Brief, contract signing

Client fills a brief for search engine promotion or website creation. There you give your contact info, and the manager of Seo.Ua reaches you and sends you a commercial offer. Then we draw up and sign a contract.

Order Step 1

Work on website optimization

First, we conduct a technical audit and make a report on found errors (usability, content, code) with recommendations for their correction. After error correction, we start search engine optimization, i. e. website promotion.

Order Step 2

Reports and analysis

Adjusted analysis, position and traffic monitoring, as well as achievement of goals, are the best indicators of successful website promotion. We also provide a detailed report and future strategy.

Order Step 3


Our clients speak about us

“I ordered promotion of a website selling construction materials. In 3 months the website got off the ground, now it is well-positioned and we are going to extend the cooperation with Seo.Ua”
Відгук підприємця про просування сайту в
“I started my own business but didn’t have a website. So, I ordered at Seo.Ua landing page, they quickly finished it and also gave a discount for promotion. I’m really satisfied both with prices and the results”
Відгук підприємця про просування сайту в
“Chief gave a task to promote search queries because sales were slow. I found Seo.Ua and wanted to order services for 2 months, but now we are working for over a year - all the queries are in top positions, sales go up, what else do we need?”
клієнт компанії
“I turned to the guys from Seo.Ua a year ago when I launched my cosmetics store and needed SEO promotion. I’m working with the manager Andrey and I'm satisfied. My store has significantly developed for the past year. Now I already have an active base of regular customers. We are going to launch more contextual advertising. Thank you for the cooperation, guys”
Відгук підприємця про просування сайту в
Owner of online store
“Our company sells repair tools. Before I worked with another company, but not everything suited, and I reached out to Seo.Ua for an audit of search promotion. Based on the results of the audit, I started cooperation with them. I am satisfied, thank you. I work with the manager Ruslana, she’s nice and professional”
Відгук підприємця про просування сайту в
Director of the sales department
“Our company is engaged in the sale of trucks. Previously we worked with another agency but switched to Seo.Ua on a personal recommendation. We have been cooperating for half a year, I am pleased that I found competent people. Over the past six months, sales have doubled, so, I recommend Seo.Ua. Thank you, Taras"
клієнт компанії
Marketing manager
“I had already heard about Seo.Ua before, so when I needed promotion, I decided to turn to them. The advantage is that they pay on a turnkey basis, so, I don’t need to pay extra separately for links, like in other companies. The request was to update the design of a website and raise it to the top. We started a complex promotion about three months ago, and we are gradually growing in SEO, not all positions are at the top yet, but SEO is not a quick story. Thanks to contextual advertising, sales started immediately. Definitely recommend”
Відгук підприємця про просування сайту в

Clients and partners


Сертифікат фахівця в Google Adwords

Google AdWords

Сертифікат фахівця з з Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Сертифікат Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint

Graph of traffic growth

Our services and prices

Packages of services and prices of search engine optimization

  • Alpha
  • Suitable for minisites and small corporate portals
  • Temporary links
  • Eternal links
  • Recommendations on content
  • Position monitoring
  • Website usability
  • Website code optimization
  • Learn the price
  • Beta
  • Suitable for online stores and large commercial projects
  • Includes package "Alpha"
  • Work with snippets
  • Premium catalogues
  • Social activity
  • Social likes
  • Error monitoring
  • Domain monitoring
  • Website indexation monitoring
  • Learn the price
  • Gamma
  • Suitable for large content portals, online supermarkets, services
  • Includes packages “Alpha” and “Beta”
  • Platforms for selling articles
  • Preparation of articles
  • Thematic forum
  • Behavioral factors
  • Content for low-frequency queries
  • Learn the price

Pricing packages include all services that may be useful and, as practice and our experience show, efficient. We promote all kinds of websites.

We work with projects in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities.

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