Contextual advertising

Today, many are looking for ways of attracting targeted visitors to sites order to increase sales. One of the most effective methods is contextual advertising.

Website Promotion

Complex advancement of sites is a special kind of promotion in search engines with the use of multiple methods of promotion.

Site Promotion

You can hardly argue with the fact that typing your query in the search engines, rarely go past the first page of results - need information is usually found immediately.

Support site

in order to justify the funds invested in the creation and promotion of the site, it is necessary to provide the update, and most importantly - continuous and uninterrupted operation.

Why You should
order website promotion have Seo.Ua

4 reasons to request a promotion right now.

Great experience.

We are doing SEO for over a twelve years. Changing algorithms of search engines, hundreds of companies were closed and changed the scope of activities, and we continue to keep sites in the top.

100% transparency in the work.

You always know what you pay your money. We provide clear reports that show posted links, posted article. Topical report on the position of the site is available online 24 hours a day.


Focus on results.

We know that businesses need sales and customers, not the reports and promises. Our work is aimed at increasing the profit increase. In addition, we can work on CPA model.

Responsive management

We quickly answer the phone, messengers and email. Our managers are competent and friendly. Make sure in this! :-)

Seo.Ua - over 12 years of experience in website promotion.

Thousands of requests in the TOP10. Hundreds of thousands of daily users visit the sites of our clients.

About us and the promotion of sites

Promotion of sites on the Internet is the key to successful business of any company. This is one of the factors can ensure the prosperity of any business. Other factors are: the work of managers, quality products, and many others. The site on the Internet is the first point of customer contact with your business. Therefore website promotion is very important that these contacts were more.

We attract the target audience only "white" methods. This guarantees you long-term effects of promotion and will help to avoid penalties from search engines and social networks

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Website promotion Seo.Ua like and recommend:

Our team

Creative team of professionals, who loves their job.

Xenia Kuzmenko

Communicative, sociable and friendly. Ksenia is always available to answer all Your questions.

sales manager


Natalia Lykyanenko

Main ridge of Natalia - a focus on results. Under her strict control of Your project will definitely be successful.

Director of sales


Irina Mikhailova

Innate perfectionism, professionalism and love for work allow it to achieve great results.

sales Manager


Our team consists of professional SEO specialists, competent managers, competent copywriters, creative designers, programmers, experienced marketers and arbitrazhnyi, certified specialist in Google Adwords and directroy.

Will be glad to cooperate with You

Glad to see You among our clients or partners.


We are professionally engaged in the creation and promotion of sites. We are able to create beautiful advertising landing pages, corporate websites, portals and online stores. Services provided comprehensive online marketing that includes search engine optimization, contextual advertising, targeted ads in social networks and web Analytics. This guarantees you the maximum coverage of the target audience, high conversion rate and stable income growth.

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Company Seo.Ua always open to participate in interesting and promising projects for the promotion of sites. Ready to offer mutually beneficial cooperation web studios, advertising agencies, SEO companies, freelancers, designers, web sites, copywriters and webmasters. Cooperation is possible in the CPA-model scheme and White Label.

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Interaction Mechanics

Algorithm of interaction with customers to maximize the effectiveness of website promotion.

Brief and the conclusion of the transaction

You fill in the brief for the creation or promotion of site by specifying the site address, telephone and e-mail. Promptly contacted our Manager, asks clarifying questions, and then the Manager prepares You a personalized commercial offer. Take into account the individual features of your website and it is your sphere of activity. Is the deal on mutually beneficial terms with guarantees result.

Order Step 1

Optimization, recommendation and promotion

We start with a detailed technical audit of Your website. Provide the document, which will be described in detail the shortcomings and recommendations on website optimization. Including usability, content and code. After approval and corrections to the website we are starting to promote your site through external and internal ranking factors.

Order Step 2

Analytics and reporting

Customized Analytics, monitoring positions and traffic, as well as the achievement of objectives are the best indicators of a successful promotion of sites. But beyond that, we provide full reporting about the work done on the project and plan future marketing efforts.

Order Step 3


Business Owners and advertising managers have left reviews about our company.

"Ordered Seo.Ua the website for our company selling furniture. Very happy that it was addressed to him, as they did everything the way we need to. At the same time, all our wishes were taken into account! I plan to continue to cooperate with Seo.Ua"
"Opened his own business and immediately took the website. Asked about it to this company and explained briefly his idea. Developers Seo.Ua understood what I needed and in time I got my website exactly how I imagined it to be. Very grateful for your understanding and prompt work!"
"I wanted to promote your website for specific queries, and asked in Seo.Ua. Just a few months I got to the top of search engines. At the same time I made the offer – a small but pleasant surprise! Now with the help of Seo.Ua promote other requests and my sales grow!"
Sales manager

Clients and partners


Google AdWords

Google Analytics

Yandex Direkt

Schedule of growth attendance

Services and rates

Proposed packages for optimization and search promotion of sites.

  • Alpha
  • Will fit mini websites or small business portals.
  • Temporary links
  • Permalinks
  • Content guidelines
  • Monitoring of positions
  • The usability of the site
  • Recommendations on the code
  • Get a quote
  • Beta
  • Suitable Internet shopping, large commercial projects.
  • Includes the "alpha"
  • Work with snippets
  • Premium-directory
  • Social activity
  • Social likes
  • Error monitoring
  • Monitoring domain
  • Monitoring indexing
  • Get a quote
  • Gamma
  • The package will fit large content portals, online malls, services.
  • Includes "alpha" and "Beta"
  • Articles exchange
  • Preparation of articles
  • Thematic forums
  • Behavioral factors
  • The content for the LF
  • Get a quote

For long-term work with clients we have formed packs which allow to effectively promote a variety of websites: single page landing pages, corporate sites, Internet shops, as well as large portals and services, and Bulletin Board.

Our contacts

You can contact us by any way convenient for You.

Seo.Ua - search engine optimization.
 Ukraine: +38 (044) 331-52-44
 Russia: +7(919) 968-00-16

Our sales staff will gladly answer all Your questions. We appreciate all of our customers. Call now!

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